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Our massage therapists exist within a free market. This means it's up to them to determine how much they charge, not us. Why should you care? Because instead of having one flat rate for our services, you can choose your massage based on how much you are willing to spend! We’re sure there have been times when you couldn’t afford a massage but you really needed one. We’re sorry we weren’t around then. We’ve got your back now (get it?) 

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Freedom of Choice


We love independent decision making! Choose your massage therapist based on rating, reviews, experience, price and location. That means convenient and easy booking to your home, hotel, workplace, gym, or even your rocketship. You're a savvy consumer; you like to know what you're buying before you buy it. We believe that same concept should be true for the services you are purchasing. We're the first national app to give you the option to be just as savvy with your on-demand massage services.