What is Matago?

Matago is an application-based service for massage therapists to help generate clients, manage their bookings, and process payments. Unlike other on-demand massage apps or scheduling softwares, we are the first to give you the freedom to set your own pricing among other amazing features. We are totally different than anything else on the market.

You are now more empowered than ever to be a sole practitioner. With our app you can make the money you know you deserve for the level of service you provide. You are able to decide the amount of money you would like to charge, for what type of massages you are available to give, and the massage time. 

You choose your availability and set your location! You are able to see the clientele that is requesting massages, including reviews of them that other massage therapists have left. We provide you with a client base, and you can also have existing clients download the app! The best part is we do the marketing for you.

As the company facilitating this exchange of services, we strive to empower you with more money and more autonomy with the support of a team that will work hard to bring you the largest network of clients in the nation. 


It’s your business. Run it how you want to.

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You know what you're doing. You know what you're worth. All we're trying to do is provide you with a platform to freelance your services without regulation. You are able to set your price, availability, location, etc. Wanna hear the best part? Compared to other apps who take up to 30% of every dollar you make, we only take less than 20%! No other app gives you the freedom you need to make the money you deserve. Sign up below to gain access to our MT Portal to learn more!