The on-demand massage app
that offers choice.



Massage therapists who go where you go.

The first on-demand massage app that gives clients the freedom to choose who they book for a massage and massage therapists the freedom to set their own pricing.




That lies at the intersection of luxury, convenience, and affordability;

Matago is where highly skillful touch meets highly skillful tech. 



You're sore. You're tired. You're sore and tired!

And you don't want to wait until next week to schedule an appointment. In fact, you can't even plan a massage a week in advance when you have three briefings, two appointments, and an overactive labradoodle commanding the utmost attention. You sleep when you can. Eat when you can. And now, massage when you can! Matago is the first on-demand massage app to give you the freedom to choose and book your massage therapist. Our massage therapists are free to set their own pricing helping you save money!


Massage Therapists

Here at Matago we are a huge proponent of choice.

We are the first mobile app to give clients the choice to pick their massage therapist when they book. And the first massage on-demand app to give you the ability to set your own prices whenever you want. Beyond that, you have the freedom to showcase your specialties and unique massage techniques and be an investing partner in the world's fastest growing massage on-demand company.